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Fix for very slow Drupal Admin pages

Submitted by jrb on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 14:58

On one of the Drupal sites I was developing, admin pages were getting (unbearably) slow-- about 30 seconds to load each page.  Using the Google, I found a couple of articles that pointed the finger at the Update Status module:

I released my first Drupal module today!

Submitted by jrb on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 00:33

It's Contact Hide Email... I wrote this code a while back, presented it at a Drupal user group, got a Drupal CVS account, and finally got around to creating an actual release tonight.  What does it do?  Funny you should ask...

Enabling tabbing to select boxes in Firefox 3.5 on the Mac

Submitted by jrb on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 02:24

After upgrading to Firefox 3.5, I could no longer use the TAB key to move to select boxes on my Mac.  I found the solution on the Mozillazine Forums:


  1. Go to "about:config"
  2. Right click to manually create an "accessibility.tabfocus" entry as an integer
  3. Set the value to 3

Worked for me.

Multi-Touch Tab Switching in Firefox 3.5

Submitted by jrb on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 01:44

This is pretty cool-- you can enable Multi-Touch Tab Switching in Firefox 3.5.  On a Mac, this lets you switch between tabs by making a sorta twisting motion with your fingers on the touchpad. 



Submitted by jrb on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 01:43

I'm starting this blog to have one place where I can post various "stuff" that I want to share.  We'll see how it goes...