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Sean and Laura are getting married!

Submitted by jrb on Thu, 10/20/2016 - 16:59

Sean and Laura are getting married next month!!! 

For those of you who don't know, Sean took a gap year after graduating high school to travel Europe. He met Laura (who's from Spain) in Galway, Ireland. They're living in Vilanova i la Geltru outside of Barcelona.

Sean-Laura wedding announcement
Sean and Laura in Philly

Trip to Maine - Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

Submitted by jrb on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 17:28

On our last day in Acadia, Daniel and I got up at 4:00 in the morning to go see the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  It's the highest / easternmost point in America, so we were  the first people in the United States to see the sun rise that morning.  Along with the hundred other people that were there, that is.

Daniel took these pictures (except for the one with him in it).

Just before sunrise
There it is!
Just coming up
It rises pretty quickly
Watching the sun rise
It's up
Frenchman Bay

Trip to Maine - Kayaking

Submitted by jrb on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 17:16

We went on a kayaking tour around Southwest Harbor.  We paddled about 6 1/2 miles.

Alec and Jay in a two-man kayak
Daniel's self-pic

Trip to Maine - Cadillac Mountain Hike

Submitted by jrb on Wed, 08/10/2011 - 17:09

We all hiked from our camp site at the Blackwoods camp ground to the top of Cadillac Mountain and back on the South Ridge Trail (about 8 miles).  Daniel took a bunch of pictures.

Stopping for a rest at Eagle's Crag
Sean and Alec on the trail
Karen and Jay
Sean, Alec, and Jay on the way back down with Frenchman Bay in the distance

When running the update script on a new a new installation of Drupal version 6.20, I was getting this:

<!--[if lt IE 7]--> Fatal error: Call to undefined function phptemplate_get_ie_styles() in htdocs/themes/garland/maintenance-page.tpl.php on line 23

The problem turned out be that the .info file was missing for the Minnelli theme, and that's the default theme for the maintenance page. I'm not sure how it went missing, but I just copied from a different Drupal installation into the themes/garland/minnelli/ directory and all was well.

How to keep Drupal from caching a page

Submitted by jrb on Mon, 10/18/2010 - 17:44

I ran across a problem on a site today where some custom voting code had stopped working correctly.  Eventually, I figured out that the actual problem was due to the page being cached, so it wasn't showing the updated results.  I didn't want to turn off caching so, my next step was to figure out how to turn caching off for a particular page.  The Google found CacheExclude, a module that allows you to do just that-- turn caching off for specific pages. 


Computer under the stairs

Submitted by jrb on Sat, 10/31/2009 - 17:09

Karen and I (yes, mostly Karen) finished a built-in bench and computer desk in the space under the stairs.  The bench is hinged to create a storage area underneath.  

Computer Desk
Sean at the desk
Daniel and Alec emerge from under the bench

Hiking on Harper Creek

Submitted by jrb on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 01:32

For Karen's birthday (coming up on Thursday), we took the boys and went hiking on some trails around Harper Creek in the Wilson Creek area.  We did about 6 miles, and it was a blast.  The trail included a bunch of creek crossings and Sean and Daniel had a great time looking for and catching crawfish, salamanders, and newts.  I caught a Northern Water Snake at the falls.

A creek crossing.
Sean and Daniel looking for creatures.
Everyone at the top of the waterfall.
Northern Water Snake
Alec at the natural water slide.
Daniel at the natural water slide.
Daniel in a shower created by some big rocks along the creek.

A fix for Drupal form error messages not showing up

Submitted by jrb on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 18:07

I was having a problem with using the Login block form on the home page.  Error messages related to the login (e.g. "Password incorrect.", etc.) were not getting dispalyed when the login failed.  They would show up only after reloading the page again. 

In my template, I had this:

<div class="content">
    <?php print drupal_get_form('user_login_block'); ?>

More Firefox Finger Swipes

Submitted by jrb on Tue, 07/14/2009 - 21:22

Some more Firefox finger swipes on the Mac:

  • Three-finger swipe up: Home key (top of the page)
  • Three-finger swipe down: End key (bottom of the page)
  • Three-finger swipe left: Browse back
  • Three-finger swipe right: Browse forward

You may need to go into about:config to set.  I didn't...